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Nov 28, 2023
Green Dividends: The Positive Impact of Greening on People and Nature

Greening, introducing vegetation and increasing green spaces in cities and beyond bring many positive changes for society and the environment. Here are a few aspects of the good effects of landscaping:

Improved Physical Health:

Walking in Parks: Green parks and squares create ideal conditions for walking and physical activity, promoting health and reducing stress.
Clean Air: Plants absorb pollutants and release oxygen, improving air quality in urban and suburban areas.
Reduce Stress Levels and Improve Mental Health:

Green Therapy: Natural landscapes have a calming effect, reducing stress and anxiety levels.
Biophilic Design: Indoor and outdoor landscaping creates a comfortable environment, promoting psychological well-being.

Maintaining Biodiversity:

Environment for Diverse Species: Green spaces provide shelter and a food source for animals and plants, supporting biodiversity in urban and peri-urban ecosystems.
Improving Ecosystems: Green landscapes promote sustainable ecosystems, preventing species extinction and maintaining a healthy environment.

Energy Conservation and Climate Improvement:

Protection from Sweltering Heat: Trees and plants create shade, reducing heat gain in cities, which helps reduce energy consumption and improve the climate.
Carbon Dioxide Absorption: Plants photosynthesise to absorb carbon dioxide, helping to combat climate change.

Building Social Communities:

Meeting Places: Parks and squares are places for social events, promoting socialisation and building social communities.

Community Projects: Greening projects can serve as centres of community activity, bringing people together to improve their surroundings.

Enhancing Aesthetic Quality:

Landscaping Urban Spaces: Trees, flowers, and landscaping enhance the visual perception of urban spaces and create a pleasant atmosphere.
Architectural Design: Green elements in architecture and urban planning add scenic beauty and harmony to a structure.
Greening not only improves the quality of life, but also creates sustainable, healthy and liveable cities where nature and society neighbour in harmony.

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