Winterizing Your Lawn

Fall is almost upon us, and that means that it’s time to take steps to protect your lawn and make sure it remains healthy through the winter. We have prepared a short list of things you can do to ensure that your lawn will Portland Landscaping - Portland Landscaperssurvive the cold.

During autumn, your grass will actually stop itself from growing as it begins to store nutrients to survive the cold winter months. Fertilizing your lawn in the fall can go a long way in helping your grass survive the winter. A fertilizing in the fall will build up your lawn’s food reserves and help keep it healthy. Fertilizers with nitrogen and potassium are especially helpful for your lawn, as they help them hold and store nutrients and can help stave off diseases. Aerating your lawn in the fall is also a crucial step in the winterizing process. Aerating your lawn helps the sunlight, fertilizers and other nutrients make their way into the soil. When this happens, your lawn’s root systems become stronger and bigger, enabling them to absorb and store more nutrients. It is important that you don’t allow too much debris to accumulate on top of your lawn, as it can create a fungus-friendly environment can actually stifle the grass and kill it. If there are piles of leaves covering your lawn, you should consider raking them off or chopping them into smaller pieces to be used as mulch.

Just follow these tips and your lawn will have a much better chance of surviving the winter and thriving in the spring. At Creative Touch Landscaping, we are Portland landscapers who are well equipped to winterize any lawn, or to provide any other Portland landscaping service.