Winter Landscaping

Trying to create a perfect looking yard can be a difficult task. The hardest part is trying to make it come together and look appealing during the winter season. It may take some trial and error to figure what works and doesn’t work for your personal preference but with some careful planning you can make your yard look like a winter wonderland.

Concentrating on objects for your yard that are mostly unaffected by winter is a good starting point. Benches or arbors can be repainted before winter hits so you can add any color of your choosing. Sculptures or fountains can look fantastic when covered with snow or ice.

Look for trees or plants that do not lose their foliage in the winter. This will help to retain some color. Also look for trees with interesting bark patterns that do lose their foliage. Bark patters can yield different color patchworks or designs that can be well complemented in the winter season.

Fruit bearing trees or shrubs are a nice idea as well. Since winter colors can be a little on the dreary side fruits and berries can really pop during the winter. They may also attract some birds into your yard to lend their color. This can be done with some vegetables as well.

Hiring experienced Portland landscapers can be the easiest way to create the perfect year round yard you envision. Besides doing the hard work they can provide you with tips and tricks for maintaining your yards visage.