Wilsonville Landscaping

Creative Touch Landscaping is happy to provide our top-notch sprinkler installation, repair and excellent Wilsonville landscaping services to to residents of the city and beyond, extending throughout the Portland metro area. They can repair or replace existing  sprinkler systems as part of a complete landscaping overhaul or as a separate service. Residents of Wilsonville have been using our services for quite some Wilsonville Landscape Design, Sprinkler Systemstime and the results tend to speak for themselves!

About Creative Touch

Creative Touch Landscaping has been around since 1999, providing excellent landscaping and sprinkler services to residents and businesses in Wilsonville. We are experts at taking your vision for your landscape project and turning it into a reality. We are not a speedy or extremely cheap fly-by-night company. We take our time and use our expertise and experience to produce an end result that will more than justify the time and investment. Contact us today for your Wilsonville landscaping project, or for Wilsonville Sprinkle Repairs or servicing.  For your home or business, we’ll produce results that meet and exceed expectations.

About Wilsonville

Wilsonville lies to the south of Portland and is still part of the larger Portland Metro area.  At one time there were more workers in the city than residents due to its prime location next to the I-5 corridor, just south of it’s convergence with the 205 freeway. As the businesses in the area grew so did the housing, making the city one of the faster growing areas of the state. With the local businesses, the close proximity to nearby freeways, the large parks and water settings in the area, Wilsonville is an excellent place to live. If you’ve made your home in Wilsonville and need some sprinkler repair or servicing, or some Wilsonville landscaping work for your home or business, give Creative Touch a call.