Water Saving Devices for Landscaping

Technology has improved just about every aspect of our lives in the past decade or so, and it’s the same story in the landscaping business. With state-of-the-art technology, landscapers are using less water than ever.

One relatively new and awesome water saving device is the weather sensor. Some have become so advanced that they can detect temperature, solar radiation and rainfall then compare that data with the historical averages for a particular region. The weather sensor controls when and how long the sprinklers will be operational, so if it is hotter than average, the sprinklers will run longer and vice versa. A lot of the new sensors are also wireless, which makes it so landscapers don’t have to run a bunch of wires underground.

Another simple change that many landscapers are making is choosing high-efficiency nozzles over the traditional spray nozzles. Some companies are using 30 percent less water just by switching from the old nozzles to the new, innovative models. Aside from saving you money on water bills, the new nozzles are also better at spacing water out evenly amongst all of your plants.

Similar to weather sensors, soil sensors are also becoming commonplace in landscaping. Soil moisture sensors allow landscapers to manage their irrigation systems more effectively. They can use less water to grow plants and they can manage the soil during crucial plant growth stages. Soil moisture sensors are a great way to ensure you aren’t overwatering or under watering any of your plants.

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