Water Hoarding Plants

All plants require water in order to live, but some plants can survive on a few drops where as others need a whole lot of H2O to remain healthy.Portland Lawn Maintenance Com

If you are looking to conserve more water and are keeping that in mind before you get ready to plant a new garden, then it is a good idea to avoid tropical plants that aren’t native to your area. For example, the banana tree has extremely high water needs, and is composed of 90 percent water! Tropical plants in general have higher water needs that most other plants, mainly because they grow in an environment with tons of rainfall. Plants with large, dark and smooth leaves soak up more sunshine and heat and therefor will need more water.

Annual plants are another group of plants that have high water requirements.  Annuals have short-lived growing seasons, rapidly bloom in the spring and summer and usually require a lot of water. Because they have such a short growing season, annuals develop shallow root systems that can’t absorb as much water from the soil as a deep-rooted plant. Some common annuals include impatiens, marigolds and geraniums.

The traditional American lawn is also a water guzzler. St. Augustine grass is the most common form of lawn grass in America, and it requires a lot of water to maintain. If you’re in the middle of a drought but you still desire a classic grassy lawn, then you can go with less thirsty alternatives such as Bermuda or Buffalo grass. Using parts of your lawn to put in native plants will also conserve more water, and will also decrease the amount of lawn you have to mow.

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