Tigard Sprinkler Service

Most households enjoy the benefits of having an automated sprinkler system, but we often find that they just get turned on and ignored.  It’s because we tend to think it’s just going to do what it’s supposed to.  If working correctly, it usually will do what it’s programmed to do.  The problem with the “set it and forget it” theory, is that the environment is ever-changing which provides ample opportunities for your sprinkler system to waste plenty of water.  We’d like to provide you with some tips for optimizing your settings and minimizing wasteful water usage (and decreasing your water bill)!


  • Have your irrigation system audited.  At Creative Touch Landscaping, we’re able to come test your irrigation system and recommend any helpful information we can.
  • Adjust your irrigation controller (timer).  It’s important to asses the current seasonal situation monthly to determine if you’re over or under watering your area.  If it’s raining outside, don’t run your system when it isn’t necessary.
  • Run your irrigation system during the morning.  You won’t lose as much water to evaporation and it’s usually less windy.  Wind will often times carry your sprinkler where you don’t need it.
  • Run your irrigation system in 2-3 shorter cycles, rather than 1 longer period.  This allows the water to soak in and should allow you to cut down your overall watering time, while seeing improved results.
  • Get your sprinkler system tuned-up by professionals.  A tune-up will ensure that your system is working properly and minimizing wasted water.

At Creative Touch Landscaping, we’re happy to provide Tigard sprinkler service and Tigard sprinkler repairs.  We value each and everyone of our clients and hope you find this information helpful.