Summer Lawncare

During the summer, proper lawn care becomes extremely important. You will need to be very mindful when you are watering your lawn and monitor the amount of water you are using. Too much water can kill your lawn or Portland Landscapersstunt its growth by cutting off oxygen. Too little water and your lawn can get dehydrated, which will also kill it. Timing becomes important in the summer as well. Watering at the wrong time can cause the grass to dry before it can properly absorb all the nutrients, which can also cause your grass to die.

Mowing your lawn is important for its health as well. You do not want it to be overgrown but grass that is a little taller isn’t necessarily a bad thing. More light is able to reach taller grass which can help it absorb more nutrients. Clippings from mowing can also serve a further purpose for your lawn. By allowing the clippings to be distributed around your lawn they can provide more nutrients to your soil. If you notice any weeds present or beginning to form, getting rid of them quickly can help prevent bigger problems.

If you happen to get any dry spots, add seeds to aid in the regrowth for that area. After one seeding, give it a couple of weeks and follow your normal lawn care routine. If it hasn’t grown back after a few weeks, try some more seeds.

Finding experienced Portland landscapers can be a big help in preserving a healthy and great looking lawn.