Sprinkler Systems

Maintaining great looking grass and plants in your yard can be a difficult task. You need to water it at the correct time and make sure every part of the area gets plenty of water. Getting a sprinkler system that is controlled by a timer and automatically turns on and off at specified times will make watering your lawn a much simpler process. Sprinkler systems, when installed properly, will have no problem simultaneously watering your grass and plants.

Once you have one installed, sprinkler systems need to be maintained to avoid damage to them and your yard. Be sure to keep your lawn trimmed as overgrown grass may render your sprinklers pretty much useless. The sprinkler heads should be checked regularly to ensure they have not been broken in any way that would stop them from spraying your lawn correctly. A good indicator of a broken sprinkler head is large pools of water or dry spots on your lawn.

While mowing your lawn, be very careful of your sprinkler heads. Flying debris or hitting the heads with the lawnmower is a fairly common cause of damage to sprinkler systems. Weather can also be a factor in damaging your sprinklers, especially if it is cold weather.

Getting your sprinkler system winter-proofed, regularly inspected, and maintained by a company experienced in Sprinkler System Repair can save you a lot of money in the long run. Hoping your broken system will just work itself out or not get worse, may damage it further. Contact us to find out how we can help ensure your sprinkler system remains functional for years to come.