Sherwood Landscaping

Sherwood Landscaping Services

Sherwood is a popular suburban section to the southwest of Portland and has many thriving businesses. Highways and large streets connect Sherwood to the surrounding cities in the area in a neat fashion. There are large department stores dispersed Sherwood Landscape Design, Sprinkler Servicesthroughout the area with many smaller, locally born stores in between. Not much cannot be found in a 10 minute drive from your home in Sherwood. The best part of the area is it’s green landscape that presents the city as more of an environmentally aware and homely place. The town of Sherwood has put forth a lot of effort in designing the town and neighborhoods and making them thoroughly lush and green. Trees, large shrubs and bushes fill the area. When designing homes, the same feel and style goes into much of the landscaping. Large trees and bushes populate many yards in the area. Creative Touch Landscaping knows the area and can turn your lawn into the perfect Sherwood landscaping example.

Sherwood Sprinkler Service

Once your landscape is finished, you’ll want to keep it in pristine condition year round. The best way to make sure your lawn is thoroughly watered is to have an underground sprinkler system installed. This will ensure that you will never have to worry about keeping your lawn watered again. Simply program the system to your needs and the automatic sprinkler system will take care of it for you. It’s best to inquire about ourĀ Sherwood sprinkler services while we’re discussing your landscape design, as it will be more affordable for it to be installed during the landscaping process.