Flower Beds

Planting a nice flower bed on your yard can really enhance the look of your entire home and landscape. There are a wide variety of flowers that are native to and thrive in the Pacific Northwest. With such a large variety of flowers to choose from, you can create a colorful and vibrant flower bed that will turn heads and add beauty to your landscape. At Creative Touch, a Portland landscape design company, we have been working on flower beds, gardens and lawns for more than 20 years. With our knowledge and experience, we were able to put together this helpful guide for planting and maintaining your own flower bed.

Flower Bed Tips

Much like any other kind of gardening, planting a flower bed can have its difficulties. Here is a list of things to think about before planting your flower bed.Flower Beds - Portland Landscaping Design

  • Find out what kind of soil you will be using. Some flowers thrive in good old-fashioned potting soil, while others may do better in soil that is more acidic. It is a good idea to mix compost or wood chips in the soil before you plant flowers. They will go a long way toward making the soil healthier.
  • Consider what kinds of flowers you will be planting. Certain flowers thrive under different conditions. Think about things like shade, sunlight, temperature and seasonal characteristics. If you have no idea, you can always ask a plant nursery for advice.
  • Come up with a color scheme before you plant. Having too many different colors can be distracting and will detract from the beauty of your flower bed. Try to stick with two or three colors that go well together.
  • Don’t overwater your flowers. You may think that the more water, the bigger and prettier your flowers will become, but that is not the case. Test the soil by putting your finger a few inches into the soil around the base of your flowers. If it is dry, then they could probably use some water.
  • Put markers or little labels next to all of the flowers that you plant. That way if you see something growing that is unlabeled, such as a weed, you can remove it without worrying about destroying your flowers.
  • Don’t start off by planting more flowers than you can manage. If you start small, you can focus on maintaining a few plants. As you get the hang of it more, then you can start thinking about increasing the size of your flower bed.

Planting a flower bed takes a lot of time, hard work and patience. If you don’t have time to set aside to tend to your garden or lawn, the expert Portland landscapers at Creative Touch can effectively maintain your landscape for you.