Portland Urban Landscaping

Many people have dreamed of having a “dream” house. For some it’s a giant mansion the likes of which only celebrities could afford. Others just envision that modest house with a white picket fence to raise a family. The only thing everyone’s perfect house seems to have in common is that when they picture it, they all are accompanied by a perfect yard. Unfortunately these days many people can’t afford a house and are living in apartments, or in smaller homes in urban areas. So how do you capture a piece of your dream with no yard space? Your Portland Landscapers may have two solutions to this problem.

Vertical Gardens & Green Walls

The first solution is a vertical garden or green wall. These green walls can be indoor or outdoor and accomplished in a couple of different ways. They can be installed using soil, modular panels, or climbing vines. Some benefits other than having some creative greenery to look at include:

  • Improving and filtering the air.
  • Reducing temperature in the air.
  • Acting as an effective noise barrier.

Living Roof – Green Roof

The second option that may work for you is known as a green roof or living roof. A green roof is a yard or garden arrangement found on the roof as the name implies. Your home will need to be structurally sound enough to support the extra weight. Some green roofs can be made to support a persons weight and be outfitted with a deck. Adding a green roof to your home can:

  • Bring up the property value.
  • Provide insulation for your roof.
  • Draw in local vegetation and animals.

So consult with your Portland Landscaper, Creative Touch Landscaping, to discuss if one of these options is right for you.