How a Sprinkler System Works

Most residential irrigation systems are “in-ground” systems.  Since all of the parts including pipes, sprinkles and irrigation valves are hidden, it makes the landscape much more presentable.  Nobody likes to be constantly rolling up hoses and moving their sprinkler around.  Here at Creative Touch, we’re experts in irrigation systems and thought we’d give you a quick idea of how they work.

Hillsboro Sprinkler System Installation and Maintenance

Since the sizes of the areas needing irrigation varies so widely, we divide the systems into zones.  Creating zones is important since it creates even water pressure.  If there was only one zone for the whole yard, most of the water would escape through the first few sprinkler heads, leaving very little for the rest.  Each zone is then controlled by the irrigation controller.  Most newer irrigation systems use an electronic controller to run the system at pre-programmed times and days.  Some of these controllers are even smart enough to adjust themselves to be on for either longer or shorter times, depending on environmental conditions.

When the system comes on, the water flows through the pipes and ultimately comes out at the sprinkler head.  When the sprinkler system is pressurized, the head usually pops out of the ground and waters the are until the valve closes and the system turns off.  After the pressure is released from the system, the sprinkler head retracts into the ground, hiding them until the next watering.

If you’d like to learn more or discuss your options for having a sprinkler system installed, please let us know and we’d be happy to help.