Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Fall

When it comes to fertilizing your lawn, no time is more important to do so than during the autumn months. These are the months that your lawn is preparing itself for the harsh months of winter, and by fertilizing your grass Portland Landscape Design - Portland Landscapersyou are strengthening it. At Creative Touch Landscaping, a Portland landscaping company, we offer premier quality landscape maintenance. We know the ins and outs of autumn lawn care. We have compiled a short list of helpful tips to help you properly fertilize your lawn before winter hits.

All fertilizers are made with a formula using three numbers, such as 5-5-5. The first number in the sequence refers to nitrogen levels, the second represents phosphorous, and the third equals potassium. Each element has an impact on how your grass grows. In early fall it is a good idea to use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to get your lawn growing again after a long, dry summer. By the time November rolls around, you should use a phosphorous-rich fertilizer which will develop and strengthen your lawn’s root systems. The root systems are crucial for your grass to be able to survive in the dead of winter. When spring rolls around your lawn will already have developed a healthy and robust root system, and it will thrive all the way into the summer months as a result.

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