Beaverton Landscaping

Beaverton Landscaping Services

Beaverton is probably the latest and largest example of Portland area suburban expansion.  Springing up around the tech boom of the 70’s with companies like Intel, Nike and Tektronix, Beaverton became known as the Silicon Forest.  The city has a goal of fostering a true sense of community and a reduction in traffic by being so close to the MAX line and public transportation. To complete this urban/suburban integration, careful and thoughtful design has been used, perhaps no Beaverton Oregon Sprinkler Service, Landscape Designgreater evidenced than through the Orenco Station neighborhood.  The landscaping in Beaverton has followed this design, cultivating neat, small front yards for the small homes and townhouses and onto the extended acreage of much large luxury homes on the outskirts of the area, as it heads towards the countryside. At Creative Touch, we’ll work to design a landscape that both fits your design and meshes with the style of the city. Making use of our considerable variety of building materials, Creative Touch Landscaping can help design and build the landscape you desire.

Beaverton Sprinkler Service

Once your landscaping is in place, you will want a certain measure of maintenance to keep it looking great throughout the year.  First and foremost on your list should be a sprinkler system from Creative Touch.  A properly designed sprinkler system will keep your grass greener and the colors of your flowers, plants and shrubs and vibrant as they can be.  If you have an existing sprinkler system in need of fixing, our Beaverton sprinkler repair services are just the thing to get you up and running at an optimal level; keeping your landscape in top-notch shape.

Creative Touch is here for all of your Beaverton Landscaping needs including design, installation and maintenance of plants, shrubs, trees, patios, walkways, retaining walls and sprinkler systems. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and our commitment to completing every project to client specifications is paramount. Our Beaverton Landscaping service area includes the following cities, towns and neighborhoods: West Beaverton, Hidhland, Vose, Sexton Mountain, Greenway, South Beaverton, Neighbors Southwest, Metzger, Garden Home, Whitford, Raleigh Hills, West Slope, Cedar Hills, Five Oaks, Aloha, and Bull Mountain. For more information about our service area please contact us by phone or email. Thanks for choosing Creative Touch Landscaping & Irrigation.