A Quick Guide for Landscape Lighting

You would be surprised how drastically some outdoor lighting can improve the look of your landscape. You can brighten up dark pathways and draw attention to the most dramatic aspects of your outdoor spaces. If not done Portland Landscape Designcorrectly, however, your outdoor lighting system could be doing more harm than good.

If you install lights that are too bright or too big, then your guests may have to deal with issues like glare and light pollution. Glare is a very avoidable problem, and is a good way to annoy your neighbors as well. Rather than buying powerful, blinding flood lights, you can opt for low-energy LED lights that will emit softer light and will also last much longer. You can also purchase things like glare shields and light wraps to diminish harsh light. It’s also a good idea to avoid up-lighting whenever possible. Up-lighting is generally frowned upon because it causes “light pollution”, which can obscure the stars in the night sky. For the best view, and the most enjoyable lighting, go with less intense light bulbs.

Another thing you can do to create a unique and functional outdoor lighting system is focus on style. Find lights that match the décor and architecture of your home. For instance, if you have a colonial style home, you may want to buy lantern style lights to emphasize that. If you do it right, then your landscape lighting can really complement your home and create a comfortable and well-lit outdoor space where you can host barbeques, family gatherings and other memorable events.

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