Green Landscaping

While trying to decide what type of landscape you want, you may find yourself with an overabundance of ideas. Some people enjoy a theme like a Japanese garden, while others want an area crafted towards relaxation. Some even want a garden full of fruits and vegetables to use in everyday meals. With the trend of trying to make more things “green”, or energy efficient, you may want to incorporate some of these ideas into your landscape.

Strategic placement of trees and shrubberies are a great start for an energy efficient landscape. Proper placement of trees in order to maximize the shading on your property can go a long way towards cooling down the overall temperature of your property, which in turn will save you money in cooling costs. Similarly placing shrubberies in specific types of areas can create a windbreak, which will help trap the heat in on your property to save money in heating costs.  Another interesting idea to incorporate into your landscape is the creation of a green roof. A green roof is where you cover your roof with various forms of vegetation. This can be a great way to add more green to your landscape, and will also help to further regulate temperature.

Creating an energy efficient landscape can be a very tricky process, so it is recommended you find an experienced landscaper to assist you. Professional landscapers can help a big way by planning and finding the most cost-effective ways to complete your project. They can also assess the planned placement of plants and provide input on the best techniques to utilize. For more information on planning your green landscape, contact us today!