Avoid Landscaping Mistakes

When deciding to do the landscaping in the yard around your home, there can be quite a few pitfalls that you should try to avoid. Many times when a landscaping project is not thoroughly thought out it winds up costing way more money than it should, and in many cases never gets completed.  To properly plan a landscape project, you should always start with your hardscape. This is so the plants can grow around the hardscape, and so you don’t have to ruin anything recently planted to install your hardscape.

Although big lawns are nice, they require a lot of care. A reduction of size in your lawn can free up your time to better care for the rest of your landscape, and allow you to be more creative with the area.  Plant bedding’s, when done improperly, detract from the look of your landscape. While planting, it is best to put the taller plants in the back and move down in size as you get to the front. This is so you don’t allow the roots to show and only display the lush colors of the plants.

Check on the expected size of trees and shrubs before planting them, as you do not want them to block the entirety of your house. Also do not plant them too close to your home, as this can be potentially hazardous during bad weather.  Hiring an experienced landscaper to guide you through the planning process, and to do some of the work, can save you time and money in the long run.  For more information on how Creative Touch Landscaping can help, please contact us today!